Imisebenzi Yentsha Ezandleni Zayo

Inanda Newtown “A”  Abasha

Artist: Phindile Xulu and Nokulunga Mthethwa

Date: 15th June 2009


It’s a group of positively young minded people who are actively working hard to satisfy the needs of the community based on eradicating crime and usage of drugs in our community. This group has collected this information about the history and establishment of Inanda Newtown ‘A’ community (Amatende) based in North of Durban.

In the late of 1970’s, the place was used for plantation of sugar cane. Amatende (tents) was the name given to the place after communitors were given tents as their shelter by G.G Company in 1980. For some families those tents were not big enough so they decided to build their own squatters as their shelters. G.G. (municipality) came up with an idea of building people four room houses for families with the help of urban foundation as sub contractors; but only for those who could afford to pay for these four rooms.

In 1984 first war was between Mr. Nyameni who was a leader of Xhosa people and Mr. Khuzwayo who was responsible for a street committee, This war took two years, In 1987 the Political war started between U.D.F and I.F.P. This war ended in 1990 when these two leaders sited down and talked about the issue and made peace between these two political parties.




AFRICAN 14,925 100 DISABLED 760 5
COLOURED 19 0 MALE 6,918 46
INDIAN 11 0 FEMALE 8,040 54
WHITE 0 0      
  AGE 0.-4 AGE 5-14 AGE 15-34 AGE 35-64 AGE >65
  1.543 3.139 6.247 3.609 420


10 21 42 24 3



Us as young people it is very important to know about where we come from and where we are going and to know about how we became free and inform the next generation about our roots because it is very important to know about our foundation before proceeding with life.


Details of the archive footage:


Number Date Name of interviewee Area Significant issue Proverb/


01        28 May 2009 Siphiwe Ngubane Inanda Newtown A Late in 1980’s there were floods and people died. I don’t forget where I coming from 10:44
02 28 May 2009 Ntombifuthi Zikhali Inanda Newtown A We left Maoti because there was acolera so we came to this area   11:01
03 30 May 2009 Mrs. Sokhele Inanda Newtown A People died during 

Conflict in 1985

You must always pray God Because he is an answer.


04 30 May 2009 Mr. Ntshangase Inanda Newtown A Political parties were fighting for power around the area   14:25
05 01 June 2009 Mr. Shandu Inanda Newtown A Politicians were ruling the community; they were telling people what to do.   N/A 13:58
06 01June 2009 Mrs. Mbhele Inanda Newtown A The surroundings were fighting to each other.     N/A 11:23
07 02 June 2009 Mrs. Mthabela Inanda Newtown A An area called umshayazafe was fighting with our area. Jesus came in this world to protect us. 17:30
08 02 June 2009 Thami Ndlovu Inanda Newtown A He was the member of  U.D.F. N/A 13:52
09 01 June 2009 Simphiwe Mbambo Inanda Newtown A In 1980 till 1994eye did not see ear to eye.  Don’t throw stones when u live in a glass house.  07:09
10 01 June 2009 Nosipho Majozi Inanda Newtown A The guy called Mr. Nyameni came to steal the area.  N/A 20:39
11 01 June 2009 Mr. & Mrs. Mncube Inanda Newtown A This place was green and very beautifully. God is Shepard 22:00
12 02 June 2009 Zenzele Chili Inanda Newtown A I like this area so much. respect life because you don’t know what will happen tomorrow 10:39
13 02 June 2009 Zakhele Dlamini Inanda Newtown A The opening of the second school in the area. God is the only one we can cry to. 12:07
14 02 June 2009 Dudu Mfeka Inanda Newtown A This place is now better than before Call God name for what ever problem you face. 06:35
15 03 June 2009 Dumsani Maphumulo Inanda Newtown A This area was very green and at that time there were no trees but there were sugar cane. N/A  
16 02 June 2009 Mrs. Mkhwanazi Inanda Newtown A People were sleeping in the bush during conflicts.  N/A 07:50
17 03 June 2009 Mama’Mgoma Mngoma Inanda Newtown A We were running away from our houses  N/A 05:32
18 03 June 2009 Maggie Lundy Inanda Newtown A People were fighting with one another. God love is like the sea 08:39
19 03 June 2009 Dudu Mthethwa Inanda Newtown A Tents use to burn a lot. You must always listen and respect old people 12:57
20 04 June 2009 Mr. Gwala Inanda Newtown A The community members were given right to discipline criminals around the area N/A 36:01
21 07 June 2009 Thulani, Mlu, Gene, Mzwa Inanda Newtown A Political part were fighting and in 1985 school was build To you God I put my trust 08:44






22 07 June 2009 Mrs. Mthethwa Inanda Newtown A People were suffering because there were no tuck  shops around the area I put my trust to God  

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